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all levels, all people, no judgement

Welcome to Greenway Yoga! Led by breath, students of ALL LEVELS practice together in a judgement free environment where modifications are encouraged. You will practice in a gently heated, candlelit environment cued to music. Check out our schedule and see which classes fit your needs! Flow classes are about 87 degrees and Yin classes are cooler.

​*Bring your own towel and mat (rentals $2, or buy in studio )*

Flow: Build your mind-body connection by linking breath to movement (often referred to as Vinyasa). Build heat in this moving meditation as you flow through a series of postures, core-strengthening, and balancing poses. All levels welcome.

Moon Flow: A flow class that replaces chaturangas (high to low plank transitions) with fun, unique, rejuvenating, and sometimes more challenging ways to link breath with movement. May Include moon salutations: oftentimes more side to side movement vs. front to back (sun- salutations). Tune into the calming energy of the moon to balance out your practice. No need to chaturanga in this class! Great alternative to taking pressure away from your shoulders.

Yin: Will help you access deeper layers of fascia and connective tissue to increase flexibility and circulation to your joints. This slow-paced practice includes supportive postures held for extended periods of time. Through the use of props, each instructor will offer unique variations of this class to include elements of meditation, restorative yoga, breath techniques, and yoga nidra. Dive deep into your body and consciousness.

Yin-Flow: A balance between effort and ease; a perfect unity between our Flow and Yin classes (Yin-Yasa). Increase both strength and flexibility in this flowing yin-inspired sequence. Penetrate deep into your connective tissues as you pause & flow mindfully between postures. Discover the depths of both your body and mind.

One-Flow: Similar to Flow, with an emphasis on foundation, alignment, and modification to your specific needs. This Vinyasa style yoga foundations class is designed with the beginner in mind. ALL LEVELS welcome <3

Nidra: Yoga Nidra is a practice of inducing physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. This class is designed to release tension and stress as you explore the subconscious (a state between rest and awareness) Class will start with gentle postures to begin the relaxation process before ending in savasana, where the guided Nidra will take place.


Dharma Flow: draws from Ayurvedic principles to balance the physical and energetic bodies, allowing energy to flow freely and effortlessly. When balanced, energy can flow sustainably and powerfully. Poses included and pace of practice will depend on time of season. The primary purpose of dharma flow is to facilitate balance and well-being, meeting you where you are and illuminating the way to balance. Likely to include guided breath work and meditation. 


We suggest that all level yogis practice at least 2-3 times per week at home (self-practice) or in any community led yoga environment in order to prevent injury and develop deeper benefits from yoga. Please refer to your physician before beginning any new exercise routine.

*Instructors offer hands on assist to help with alignment & enhancement of your practice. If you have an injury or prefer not to be touched, please inform and remind your instructor*

Doors open 15 min. before & after class and will LOCK once classes start, please arrive on time.

Instructor Bio's

Phong Cao is the founder & head teacher at Greenway Yoga. As a life-long student, he spent most of his post graduate years hopping from studio to studio learning many different forms of yoga. Phong's goal as a yoga teacher is to help you discover the depths of your potential. Phong believes that the harmony of your body, mind, and spirit can be a powerful tool towards positive change. Phong's deep passion for yoga and years of experience in coaching martial arts are apparent in his classes where you’ll find a wide range of depth in creativity, philosophy, and self-love. Outside of yoga, Phong enjoys biking, adventure, and all sorts of outdoor activities. Phong is inspired and honored to be your guide.

Instructor Bio's

Amy Tweet is a founding member and Studio Manager at Greenway. She has been teaching yoga since 18 years old. It has been a decade since she has started sharing her yoga knowledge. She discovered passion for yoga through knowledgeable and dedicated teachers throughout her community. She attended Yoga North in Duluth and has earned her experienced 200 Hour certification by teaching over 1,000 hours of yoga. Her "go with the flow" attitude shows through her creative and energetic Vinyasa flow classes. She loves to incorporate meditation, nature, enlivening music, and plenty of laughter into her classes. In her free time, she loves to do anything outside: traveling, hiking, taking sketchy yoga pictures :) and relaxing in her hammock. You can typically find Amy tending to plants and supporting our community in a multitude of ways. Amy's goal is to keep yoga affordable and allow our community to flourish by cultivating safe places for everyone.

Instructor Bio's

Gerae Stack was born and, for the most part, raised in Mankato, MN. She is a dancer, creator, artist, yogi, and a soulful creature navigating her way through this one precious life. She is certified in Hatha Yoga and Yoga for the Special Child™️. She enjoys anything that involves vibing with rad people and moving her body while also embracing the moments of stillness and turning inward to her breath. She is very excited to be part of the Greenway Yoga family!  Instagram: soulfull_yogi

Spotify: Kalyani Gerae Stack

Instructor Bio's

Saoirse Dungan's journey into yoga began after a decade of competitive swimming as a non-competitive person. She wound up experiencing an inevitable burnout and knew change was needed, she took her first yoga class in 2009. The connection that she felt in her body and breath was something she had never experienced before. The level of serenity she felt left her wanting more! Saoirse has learned so much about herself and couldn't imagine life without her yoga practice. She loves new music, sweaty flows, and slow luscious stretching in her classes. Saoirse hopes to provide a space where everyone feels welcome and comfortable to learn. She wants her students to have fun and build a better connection with themselves. 

Instructor Bio's

Liz Atchison started her journey practicing yoga when she was 18. Quickly, she found the time spent practicing yoga gave her an opportunity to grow in mind and body. When she spends time on her mat, she finds a deeper awareness of self and is able to carry her intentions forward to all her relationships and interactions. Liz loves to create a spirit of playfulness and provide yogis of all levels an opportunity to feel balanced. She completed her 200-hour (RYT) Vinyasa training through Corepower Yoga. Liz loves cooking, music, running, traveling and spending time with her husband, Bryan and son, Gus. You can typically find Liz teaching on Tuesday nights!

Instructor Bio's

Maya Elena is a 200 hr RYT, in training to become a 500 RYT to specialize in Yin Yoga, Yoga for Trauma & Addiction Recovery, and Ayurveda. 
She is also a lifelong songwriter & singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer - sharing her music under "Maya Elena" and singing with Minneapolis band "Wookiefoot". Maya loves to authentically blend the worlds of yoga and music....
Maya obtained her Hatha yoga teacher education at Soul of Yoga Institute in Encinitas, California. There, she learned & is learning how to teach Hatha & Yin thru the lens of a therapeutic yoga - conscious of injury, varying body types, and experience. Yoga is adaptable for everyBODY!
She often weaves original songs into class using her gifts of voice and guitar. Maya cares deeply about holding space for artist, yogi's with chronic pain, lyme disease, and those on the journey of overcoming addictions, PTSD, anxiety, and depression.


Instructor Bio's

Born in northern Minnesota, Emily Antonson moved to Minneapolis in 2007 to study sociology and Spanish at the U of M. She began her yoga journey with the Reif Center dance company, where she also studied ballet, jazz, modern, and hip-hop dance. She traveled to Costa Rica in 2015 for her 200 hr teacher training with Frog Lotus Yoga. She has been teaching Vinyasa yoga in the Twin Cities ever since. In her free time, Emily enjoys camping, playing music, vegetarian cooking, and playing with her cats!

Instructor Bio's

Emily Ness was born and raised in Minneapolis. She was a dancer and gymnast as a child and continued through her high school years. She was first introduced to yoga at 16 years-old and was instantly hooked! Emily continued her exploration of yoga during and after college and finally decided that she wanted to study to become a teacher. Emily traveled to Costa Rica to complete her 200 hour teacher training, focusing on alignment, flow, and Ayurveda principles. Emily also took a Master’s level yoga philosophy course at the University of Minnesota where she is currently studying to get her master’s degree in Integrative Health and Well-being Coaching. Emily believes in the power of yoga to bring awareness to the mind-body connection and tap into the depths of human potential. In her teaching, Emily seeks to hold the space for yogis to find their edge and tap into their personal power. When not playing on her yoga mat, you can find Emily coaching gymnastics, cuddling her dogs, working as a wellness coach, taking photos, and traveling the world! 

Instructor Bio's

Ellie Mockenhaupt first came to her mat to find movement at age 16 when an injury prohibited the way she engaged in physical activity. She fell in love with yoga for its physical benefits, but also the emotional and spiritual benefits. Ellie's yoga teacher training background comes from Hatha yoga, in which she learned under the tutelage of Katie Schuver. She teaches many styles of yoga including hatha, vinyasa, restorative, meditation, and yoga for children.​ Outside of teaching and practicing yoga, Ellie is a nutrition practitioner in the Twin Cities. She enjoys going on adventures with her partner, Jake and fur baby, Lucy. Her love for natural health and medicine grows everyday from nutrition, cooking, yoga, hiking, and mindfulness. She can't wait to meet you on your mat!

Instructor Bio's

Amy Bieganek Amy took her first yoga class 20+ years ago at Northeast Meditation Center. Even though She left that class with a clear head, extra energy and a never felt before calmness she just didn’t connect the two until a few years later. After experimenting with many different yoga “styles” and traditions throughout the years, Amy felt inspired to teach. Using mindful movement and attention to the breathe to light the way, Amy aspires to help others gain strength and flexibility both physically and mentally. She completed her 200hr training at the Yoga Center Minneapolis and is currently enrolled in her 500hr teacher training through Yoga Medicine. In addition to traditional yoga training Amy is also trained in Trauma Sensitive yoga as well as Yoga for Mental Health. When she’s not on her mat you can find her roaming around Uptown, rollerblading, snowshoeing, traveling and hanging out with friends.

Instructor Bio's

Jenna Lewins likes to think of herself as a connector. She connects people to themselves, to nature, and to one another. She facilitates these connections through yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, and more! She teaches a slow and loving yoga flow. Her classes are about diving deep and exploring the depths of who we are. During her classes, prepare to use curiosity to explore your body from moment to moment. Jenna is a registered yoga teacher with over 700 hours of training. She has taught all over North America and Europe. Jenna can't wait to flow with you! For more info on Jenna, please visit:



Instructor Bio's

Taylor Jade: Taylor believes everyone plays a vital role in awakening human consciousness, this is why she teaches and practices yoga. Her practice is strengthening yet relaxing, liberating yet grounding. Her focus on yoga philosophy and meditation invokes a deep sense of inner peace and understanding. Taylor's classes will allow you to surrender to your authentic truth and embody your highest expression of self. She looks forward to connecting with you, heart-to-heart, in the mindful space of Greenway Yoga.

Instructor Bio's

Belle Gertjejansen grew up in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. Belle found yoga on Instagram after a college heartbreak. Mesmerized by asana, she started practicing regularly. She soon found that yoga does not only condition the body and began to deepen her awareness in the connection between mind, body, spirit, and breath on and off the mat. Belle soon developed a desire to assist others in their journey to the self and taught Vinyasa/Hatha yoga for 3 years on campus at MSU Mankato where she attended college. Belle earned her 200 RYT certification from Radiant Life Yoga and her 13 hour Yin Yoga certification from Radiant Life Yoga. Until Belle found yoga, she’d never had a regular movement practice incorporated in her routine and is delighted to share and enhance the practice of others as well as her own. She has since explored many other avenues of body movement in order to deepen her understanding of the body. Belle strives to make yoga approachable yet challenging enough for yogis to garner a sense of pride in showing up for themselves. You can catch Belle at live music, playing outside, long-boarding around, or cuddling with her kitty - Dezy. 

Instructor Bio's

Melissa Faulkner is a yoga teacher by morning, branding expert by day, and craft beer connoisseur by night. In 2016 she founded Om Brewers, a collective of traveling yogis that teach power flow classes at breweries and distilleries all over the globe. Melissa values fun and play above all else - and she loves to create. Create new businesses, new relationships, new partnerships, and new spaces inside her mind and body. Her classes are like a comedy hour with a side of yoga, and you can always expect to feel warm, welcome, and appreciated in her fun all-levels Vinyasa classes. Never hesitate to ask her to get a coffee or a drink after class!

Instructor Bio's

Erika Voeller first began practicing yoga watching VHS tapes in her parent's basement after school. She received her 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher certificated in Minneapolis, MN, with an emphasis in power Vinyasa yoga. She also teaches for Om Brewers — a collective of beer-loving yogis who teach pop-up yoga at breweries all over the globe.

Erika is a friendly, outgoing, and energetic teacher who strives to bring authenticity and fun to each of her classes. Her goal is to make even the newest yogi feel centered, balanced, and inspired.

Instructor Bio's

Scarlett Gomez started her yoga journey when she hesitantly took a class ten years ago. Since then, she hasn't looked back. Originally, she started her career path to become a nurse, but her curiosity for yoga rapidly grew to become her first love and passion. Scarlett loves to inspire and grow with her students. As a teacher and student, she is always learning and expanding her knowledge (She is currently training for her 500 hr yoga certification). Scarlett travels when she cans, but when she has free time, you can usually find her on her yoga mat or upside down somewhere. You can find Scarlett teaching our beginner flow class (One-flow) and subbing from time to time. Namaste!

Instructor Bio's

Andy Hansen (He/Him/His pronouns) Cancer Sun, Leo Moon, Virgo Rising. Yoga found Andy in 2015. After years of hearing, “You should do yoga”, Andy finally started listening. With a deep reverence for the roots of the teachings and the power of yoga for self-realization, Andy practices to awaken and balance the energetic body and prepare for meditation. A budding Tantric, Andy does his best to see the truth in all stories and traditions. There are many ways to arrive in yoga, and Andy shares practices that have aligned him with his higher self. Andy is an astrologer, energy healer, and meditation coach who embraces the web of interconnection, weaving all of these traditions together to create opportunities for Yoga.

Instructor Bio's

Sara Karimi: Sara was born and raised in Milwaukee, educated in Iowa, nurtured in Colorado and currently inhabiting the Twin Cities. She started practicing over 15 years ago and earned her 400 hour certification in 2009, while also finishing her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Dance Performance. Since that time, she has led classes and workshops in Colorado, California, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota, while expanding her education through retreats and classes abroad and mining her own practice. Outside of yoga, Sara is a professional dancer with Threads Dance Project and Concerto Dance and an independent artist/choreographer.  Her classes are a mix of traditional Vinyasa and Hatha asansa as well as incorporating her extensive dance and kinesiology background. 

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